The UK's most popular cat breeds

The UK's most popular cat breeds

Across the streets of Britain there are a huge assortment of cat breeds lurking, darting round corners and nonchalantly tip toeing on fences. With 27 percent of the UK population having a total of over 12 million pet cats, there's no doubt that we truly do adore our feline pals.

With so many diverse breeds, the real issue is, which is the most popular? We all have our favourites, so it's impossible to select. Luckily there has been lots of study which helps resolve the subject. With unique qualities like their fur, ears, size, personality, and colour, some breeds could not be more different from one other.

Top 10 popular cat breeds in the uk

1 - Bengal


Bengal cats are enormous, sleek, and exceptionally muscular felines with a large, low-hanging tail. Bengal cats are characterised by their wild appearance, which is enhanced by their very thick and luxuriant spotted or marbled coat.

It has a huge head with short ears and noticeable whisker pads, and its almond-shaped eyes are rimmed with black. Wide and tapering to a black tip, the tail is broad.

2 - British Shorthair

British Shorthair

British Shorthair cats are a medium-sized breed with a chunky or cobby appearance. Numerous rounded features on its face and cheeks, ears, eyes, and head.

Its short broad nose sits atop a deep strong chin, and these traits, together with its deep chest and short, thick tail, all add to the appearance of a robust and muscular cat. The coat is short and thick without being puffy, and comes in over a hundred colour and pattern variations.

3 - Maine Coon

Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats are the largest cat varieties, possessing a robust muscular build and substantial legs. The head is defined by a squared-off nose and enormous ears held wide and lofty.

The coat is dense and lengthy, consisting of an undercoat and a large glossy, waterproof top coat. The hair on the head, neck, and shoulders is shorter than the hair on the back, sides, and tail. On the belly and breeches, the hair is dense and unkempt. A ruff begins at the base of the earlobes and is more noticeable on men than on women. The tail hair is long and flowing.

4 - Persian


Persian cats are a stocky medium-sized breed with a huge head in comparison to their body. The head is large and round, with small, wide-set ears and a short, open face. The eyes are large and spherical, with a vivid blue hue.

The legs are short, robust, and muscular, with enormous round paws and tufted toes. The tail is small and stubby. Coat is long, thick, and lush, with a rich, velvety undercoat. The Persian comes in a variety of patterns and colours.

5 - Ragdoll


Ragdoll cats are enormous, muscular, and scary, with distinctive markings. The cat, on the other hand, is quite relaxed and laid back, providing the appearance of a floppy ragdoll. Between the ears, the massive, flat-topped cranium is rather wide.

The enormous, dark blue eyes are rather massive. The physique is lean and muscular, with a broad chest, a short neck, and strong legs. The feet are enormous and round, covered with tufts, and the tail is long and bushy.

6 - Russian Blue

Russian Blue

Russian Blue cats are medium to large in size and have an exquisite, graceful appearance with long, thin legs. On its toes, the cat walks. The wedge-shaped cranium is highlighted by large whisker pads and enormous ears. Emerald eyes are almond-shaped and widely spaced.

The coat is double-coated with a dense undercoat and feels fine, short, and silky. The Russian Blue cat's coat is unlike any other breed and is the purest reflection of the breed in terms of texture.

7 - Savannah


The Savannah cat is a tall, slender, long-legged cat whose final size may be determined by its closeness to first generation crossings – the early generations were rather large. Male Savannah cats frequently outnumber female Savannah cats in size.

Due to the unpredictable traits inherent in the Savannah cat breed's mixed genetics, there can be significant size variation within a single litter. A Savannah cat's look is very generational.

8 - Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold cat's greatest noticeable feature is its small, firmly folded ears that conceal the ear entrance. The tops of the ears are rounded. Scottish Folds are a medium-sized dog with a compact, muscular build.

The head is rounded, the whisker pads are strongly defined, and the neck is short. With a stunning appearance, the eyes are large and wide open. The Scottish Fold has a short, dense coat. It comes in a variety of colours and patterns.

9 - Siamese


Siamese cats are a medium-sized breed with a long, sinuous frame that is beautiful and elegant but muscular. The body is athletic and balanced, the legs are long and slender, and the paws are small and oval.

The head, when viewed from the front, resembles a triangle with straight lines leading to a lovely nose. The ears are enormous and pointy, and are positioned in accordance with the triangle's lines. The eyes are oriental in form and slant downward toward the nose.

10 - Sphynx


A Sphynx cat's greatest distinguishing feature is its lack of fur! The cats, however, are not completely hairless; they are covered in fine, downy hair that is said to resemble peach skin. This cat has no whiskers or lashes.

The head has an uncanny similarity to that of a Devon Rex. The eyes are situated deep and have a lemon shape. With a barrel chest, the body is slim and muscular. Due to the barrel chest, the legs are long and slender, creating the image of bow legs.

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