Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold Cat

The most distinguishing trait of a Scottish Fold cat is its tiny, firmly folded ears that hide the ear entrance. Ear tips are rounded. The Scottish Fold is a medium-sized dog with a compact, strong physique. The head is rounded, with well-defined whisker pads, and the neck is short. With a beautiful look, the eyes are huge and wide open. The Scottish Fold's coat is short and thick. It is available in an array of colours and designs.


The Scottish Fold cat breed was named for its forward-folding ears and was discovered as a spontaneous mutation in Scotland in the 1960s. British cat show judges and a large number of veterinary doctors determined that the cat's folded ears were an unpleasant condition that made cleaning the animal's ears impossible. When folded-ear cats were mated together, deformities of the spine, hind legs, and tail also developed. As a result, the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy in the United Kingdom ruled against permitting the Scottish Fold cat to be registered. The breed is popular in the United States of America and internationally.


Despite its unusual look, the Scottish Fold cat breed has a pleasant, kind nature. Folds are not an active breed, which may be because to the pain associated with movement.