The Persian Cat

The Persian Longhair cat is a stocky medium-sized breed with an enormous head in proportion to its body. The head is big and round, with tiny wide set ears and a brief open face. The eyes are wide and round, and are a bright shade of blue. With huge round paws and tufted toes, the legs are short, sturdy, and muscular. The tail is stubby and short. Long, dense, and luxuriant coat with a deep, velvety undercoat. The Persian is available in an array of designs and colours.


The earliest known progenitors of the Persian cat were carried from Persia to Italy in the 17th century, then from Angora (now Ankara) in Turkey to France in the 18th century. Persian cats had a grey coat, and Angora cats had a white coat. In the nineteenth century, descendants of these longhaired cats made their way to Britain. These early Persian cats were significantly different from the cats that now win shows: their faces were longer, their ears were bigger, and their bodies were more angular. Over the years, selective breeding has resulted in the stocky build and flat face that are now common. Not only is the hair lengthy; it also has a dense undercoat that requires extensive cleaning on the part of the owner – the cat cannot maintain this matt-free on its own.


Persian Longhair cats are friendly and quiet. They are docile and do not exhibit the same level of activity as certain shorthair breeds. By and large, they are unconcerned about living alone and are perfectly satisfied to be an only cat. They are quite willing to sit quietly and seem lovely.