Looking for a stud dog?

Looking for a stud dog?

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Looking For Dogs For Stud, Puppies, and Dog for sale or Adoption? Whatever the Breed from Buccleuch Labradors to German Shepherd, You Will Find Them on Petify's Listings or Advertise Your Dogs, Puppy or Stud Dog.

It is estimated that there are over 12 million dogs in the UK so it's clear we are truly a nation of dog lovers. From small dogs like the Miniature Cream Poodle, French Bulldog, West Highland Terrier, Long Haired Dachshund, and Chihuahua to larger dog breeds such as Golden Retriever, German Shepherds, and Bernese Mountain Dogs, it seems we can't get enough of our furry friends. But how can you be sure that you're using an ethical website when looking for a spaniel for the family or perhaps you need another working shepherd dog for your farm and are looking for dogs for stud?

Petify is a place to help dog breeders out there to come together. It is a search engine service for people looking to find stud dogs for breeding. You can also search for animals for sale or needing to be re-homed.

Many of the dogs for stud on Petify are KC (kennel club) registered so you can be assured of the bloodline of the dog you choose to stud for your bitch. Each advert gives a full description and photographs of the dog or dogs so you can be assured that the content of the advert is accurate. We will cancel, delete listing of any advert deemed to be inaccurate and there is a reporting tool on the website should you have any concerns. The website is easy to use and search for the type of dog breed you want, so if you're looking for a cocker spaniel, age 3 for stud, or as a family pet you can search for your exact criteria using our search platform. It allows you to choose your location, whether the dog is for sale, for stud, or for rehome and the breed you are looking for as well as its sex, and it's not just dogs either! Petify also advertises cats of all breeds so you can find that perfect feline friend with ease.

How Do I Sign Up?

To join Petify simply click on sign up above and complete the form. There you will be able to search for dogs by breed, find that perfect stud, a furry friend to rehome or create a listing, cancel, delete listing, etc in a matter of minutes. So if you have a Dalmation for stud, a Greyhound for sale, Cocker Spaniel to rehome or you just want to browse visit our website and see for yourself what Petify has to offer.

Stud dog locator and guide

Looking For A Stud Dog

While there are a variety of reasons why you might consider mating your dog, the most essential goal should always be to better the breed which is why it is important to breed pedigree dogs with other pedigrees.

Simply post an ad on Petify, which will appear in other people's search results, and wait for someone to be in touch with you about your dog.

Lucy's law is a law that was passed to help end puppy farming and selling pets via a third party to help maintain a good quality of life for our pets and ensure their health. Anyone in England or Wales must consider buying directly from a breeder or adopting from a recognised rescue centre. To see that your new dog is not coming from a puppy farm, puppies must be available to view with their mother in their place of birth.

Both domestic and licensed breeders can advertise dogs, puppies, and dogs for stud or rehome on Petify but there are strict guidelines in place to ensure the highest levels of dog welfare whether you're a breeder or a stud dog owner offering your dog for stud. You can search on the online platform for the particular breed you wish to buy, rehome, sell or stud and choose the location so you can find a suitable dog or dog owner located around your chosen area. If you can't find the breed of dog you wish to buy or find suitable studs you can sit back and relax, Petify will notify you when a suitable dog becomes available. Stud dog's in particular can be hard to find and responsible stud dog owners have to comply with strict regulations when advertising their stud dogs on a list for a stud fee. The kennel club also has strict guide lines for those mating their dogs.

Domestic breeders are only allowed to have two litters per year. Petify limits the number of stud ads submitted by domestic breeders each year to a maximum of two.

Anyone selling more than two dog litters in a 12-month period must be licenced by their local municipality and give us with a copy of their Breeder's Licence.

After we have verified their dog licencing with their local council, we will only allow licenced dog breeders to post more than two advertisements each year.

We understand how difficult it is to find a new home for a dog, and if you do decide to do so, we strongly advise you to contact your local rescue organisation first. If you still want to re-home your dog, make sure you get to know the stranger who will be taking care of your beloved pet.

Looking For A Stud Dog

All dogs must be microchipped and registered with an authorised database by the time they are 8 weeks old, according to the Microchipping of Dogs Regulations in England, Scotland, and Wales, which went into effect on April 6, 2016.

All advertisements are personally checked, and our posting mechanism allows us to keep track of how many advertisements are uploaded by our users each year.

Because we are unable to visit vendors and check on their pets' wellbeing, we recommend reading our Buying Advice, Puppy Contract, and Get Your Pet Safely resources to learn what questions you should ask before purchasing pets and how to recognise who is behind them.

Supporting puppy and kitten farming is not a good idea. Unlawful vendors are those that refuse to show you the mother of the puppy or kitten and put pressure on you to make a decision. Even though it may appear appealing to save the puppy or kitten from its unfortunate circumstances, doing so will just encourage the unlawful sale. Regardless of how uncomfortable the situation may be, be prepared to walk away and report it.

Petify's chat service allows you to search for pets near you and communicate with merchants without having to share your contact information.

Request pet images via chat, which must be taken from the seller's smartphone and have a time and date stamp.

Are you having trouble finding what you're looking for? It's no problem! Set reminders, unwind, and stretch. When pets that meet your criteria become available, we'll notify you.

What does stud mean for dogs?

A stud dog is a registered male dog retained for breeding. Mating pedigree dogs with other pedigree dogs helps to ensure their genes are kept pure.

Some popular dogs for mating

Cocker Spaniel

The Cocker Spaniel is a medium-sized dog breed with erect ears and a friendly demeanour. Although English Cockers were originally used to hunt woodcock in England, they have since been used to hunt a variety of other species.

They make fantastic companion dogs for anyone who can provide them with enough exercise. This affable and flexible canine will appeal to even people who live in apartments.


The Dachshund is a popular long-backed, short-legged dog that is small in stature. The Miniature Smooth-Haired Dachshund breed is muscular and well-built, with a deep, broad chest and strong forelegs, despite its diminutive appearance.

They have a short, dense, silky coat that comes in a variety of colours. This dog is likely to be self-sufficient, therefore gentle, persistent, and meticulous training is required.

English Bulldog

The head, neck, and shoulders of English Bulldogs are compact and muscular, with loose skin around the head, neck, and shoulders. The big cranium is another distinguishing characteristic.

Bulldogs come in a variety of colours, including brindle, various hues of red, fawn, and white, as well as any combination of these. Bulldogs reach a height of 31-36cm and a weight of 23-25kg when fully grown. This is a family dog who enjoys children and, if properly socialised, can even learn to coexist with other dogs.

English Springer Spaniel

The English Springer Spaniel is a small, active medium-sized dog with large, close-to-the-head ears. They have a medium-length straight coat with feathered ears, legs, and tail, and a friendly but attentive demeanour.

The Springer Spaniel is a social, quick-to-learn, and eager-to-please breed that is naturally lively and extroverted. While show dogs are less restless and appear to be calmer than working dogs, they all have an intrinsic desire to find and carry things.

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a little dog that looks like a miniature Bulldog and has bat-eared ears. It has the same flat face, short tail, and silky, short hair of a Bulldog, but in a much smaller package. They are musculatured, having a robust bone structure and muscular legs, despite their small stature.

Unfortunately, the popularity of the breed has led to irresponsible breeding, so prospective owners should make sure they receive their puppies from a trustworthy source.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd Dog is a muscular, alert dog with a noble, regal demeanour. It is one of the world's most popular breeds. German Shepherds are powerful dogs with a commanding presence. They are agile and well-balanced, and they are self-assured in their appearance. Coats of any length are OK, although they should not be overly puffy.

A properly-bred and raised German Shepherd should be brave, confident, quick, and cunning, as well as always calm and stable enough to listen to their owner or handler in any situation.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is without a doubt the most well-known and adored dog breed on the planet. Their golden, medium-length hair and constantly waving tail make them immediately recognisable. This massive retriever has a sweet disposition and a great, fluid pace that sweeps the ground in large, powerful steps.

They also adore water, so care should be taken to ensure their safety when any form of water is present.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are massive, well-built canines with a substantial bone structure. Their heads are massive, with kind, intelligent eyes that reflect their friendliness and generally laid-back demeanors. Their tails have been described as "otter-like," powerful, and virtually always wagging.

Labrador Retrievers are a breed that is exceedingly happy; they are affectionate, often wagging their tails, and are always on the move.


Pugs are a popular toy dog breed that exhibit puppy-like behaviour even as adults. Pugs have a square, cobby, muscular, and robust appearance with a short, smooth, and shiny coat. They are lovely, fun-loving companions, despite their flat countenance, bulging eyes, and wrinkled features, which divide opinion.

This happy, pleasant companion is an adorable, well-behaved toy dog. Pugs are friendly with both their owners and others, as well as being active, entertaining, and well-behaved in the company of other dogs and animals.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier (or "Staffy") is a muscular, smooth-coated dog with a physical appearance that combines the characteristics of a 'bull' and a 'terrier,' giving the impression of strength and agility.

A well-bred and socialised Staffordshire Bull Terrier should have a great disposition and be very friendly (if not a touch rambunctious!) around people.

If this is your first time mating your dog, you should seek assistance from experienced stud dog owners to learn what to expect before, during, and after the mating. When you initially start using your dog as a stud, it's a good idea to try to match him with an experienced bitch.

Where can I find a stud for my dog?

Search for stud dogs on Petify by clicking here. Some things to look out for when deciding which dog to use as your stud.

  • Fertility - If they haven't already been proven, you may want to get their fertility checked.
  • Appropriate temperament.
  • Complete health screening.
  • Good overall health.
  • No deformities, such as an overshot jaw or cryptorchidism.
  • Has demonstrated themselves in the show ring, working trials, agility, and other venues.
  • Registered with The Kennel Club.
  • Does not have any Kennel Club approvals that prevent any progeny from being registered.

More things to consider when choosing stud dogs

Looking For A Stud Dog

Dogs have a variety of personalities and temperaments, so when choosing two dogs to mate with, make sure they both have a nice temperament. The temperament of any possible puppies can be predicted by looking at the temperament of the parents. If a dog's temperament is dubious, such as aggression, it should not be bred from.

Some breeders inbreed their dogs to retain their "purity" but this can come with a whole host of health problems for your dog. Simply described, inbreeding is the mating of closely related animals — those who have common ancestors. High levels of inbreeding can have a negative impact on a dog's health since it puts them at risk for both recognised and unknown genetic illnesses. It may also have an effect on the breed as a whole, such as decreased litter size and fertility.

Popular sires, or male dogs used to generate high numbers of puppies, are one of the leading causes of genetic variety loss, increased inbreeding, and increased levels of genetic illnesses within a breed.

These dogs are frequently chosen because they possess desirable attributes, such as those linked to excellent health. Breeders will employ these pups to develop the breed, but an overabundance of males can be harmful to the population as a whole.

We recommend that breeders evaluate any probable inherited problems that may affect the breed before breeding from a dog or bitch. Because a stud dog can father a large number of puppies, it is critical that they be healthy and properly health tested to avoid passing on any health issues to future generations. Contact your local breed group to see which health tests are appropriate for their breed. Prior to mating, check with your dog's breeder to determine if there are any health concerns in your dog's genealogy.

Several health-care programmes are currently in place to aid in the prevention or control of certain diseases. These tests include DNA tests that provide a definitive response on each dog's status. We strongly advise that both sire and dam be tested when these schemes exist. We recommend that at least one parent has tested negative for the disease in the case of a DNA test.

How much does it cost to stud a dog?

Looking For A Stud Dog

Feeding, ensuring the dog's surroundings are secure and suitable, and the unfamiliar phrase studding are just a few of the tasks that come with owning a dog. The process of assisting your pet dog in mating with the opposing gender of its species is known as studding.

Animals appear to have a natural sense for mating. When a male dog and a female dog are combined and the timing is just right, the lucky dog owners usually end up with a cute litter of puppies. However, you might be surprised to learn that animals, such as dogs, occasionally require human help, particularly if it is the first time the dogs have mated.

After you've completed the necessary checks on the stud, it's time to make payment arrangements. There are no laws or regulations governing the amount of a stud charge.

However, the general rule of thumb is that the stud owner will typically charge the same amount as one puppies.

Alternatively, the stud dog owner may agree to take a puppy from the bitch owner, in which case the stud owner will usually get first pick of the litter.

There are no restrictions, so you'll notice a lot of variations. For example, if a stud is 'unproven,' that is, he hasn't yet fathered a litter and so hasn't proven himself, the fee will usually be decreased, if not half. The charge will return to normal after the stud dog has been confirmed.

Some fees may appear to be slightly higher. In certain circumstances, the stud dog may be a champion, have champions in his bloodline, or have a track record of producing quality puppies. If a stud dog has won at Crufts, for example, you can expect his dog charge to be at least double the normal puppy price. If you're selling the puppies as potential show dogs, you'll usually be able to repay that expense.

You have the option of asking the dog owner to take a puppy instead of a fee. It may be feasible to persuade the male dog owner to choose the second pick of the litter rather than the first, giving you first dibs on the litter if you want to keep one.

Make sure you get any terms you agree on with the stud owner in writing. Make sure you agree on a payment mechanism up advance as well.

List your dog with Petify today to start earning money for your stud! After you've created an account and signed in, you'll be able to list your stud.

Can guide dogs be used for studding?

The short answer is yes and just like mating any other dog, there are many things you must consider before going ahead with it. It takes more than merely collecting stud money to provide a dog for stud service. You share responsibility for any puppies your dog produces, as well as the female's care and wellbeing while she is being bred to your dog. You must also make every effort to prevent puppies from being born with hereditary illnesses that can result in long-term health issues or decreased lifespans.

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